Miach Malachy uses sculpture / video / text / etc, was born in Belfast, and works in London  Belfast Oxford ‘something like a self-storage unit’

Recent works include; a fiction and photograph concerning a parasitic spiritual double (An Radharc Ón Fhuinneog Chúil. The View From The Backseat. 2021), a video featuring 3 obscured narrators who repeat and edit a troubling memory attributed to the viewer (Muerdeladrillos, 2020) a text animation story of a rupture in language that looms over a city and its school (Slash City 2020) and an installation of looped play for objects engaged in an interrogation and trial (Rotters, 2019).

contact: miachmalachy [at] gmail [dot] com

Artist Statement (Occasional Series) Malachy Harvey
Artist Statement (Occasional Series)


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