An Radharc ón Fhuinneog Chúil. The View from the Backseat.

“I was still a shadow then. Scáth na scáthanna. I had no real shape or form. Those came later. It took months before I could hold anything for longer than an instant. This came through concentration, by watching every aspect of a form. Every detail….”

Tá saothar beag agam sa tionscadal seo. Tá sé as Béarla den chuid is mó ach tá cúpla focal Gaeilge ann. Is cineal comhra é idir fuaim, nó téacs, agus íomhá (tá athscríbhinn ann fosta).

As part of a ‘gathering of exchanges with pictures’, I contributed a short fiction in English and some Irish, with an accompanying image of the open back of a car. There is audio file & image on each artist’s page and you can scroll down for a transcript.

Produced as part of project.

figments is conceived by Alice-Anne Psaltis with design by Arturo Guzmán Pérez

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